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Lisa, The Woman Behind the Bag

Hi, I’m Lisa, and I designed the first Lisa Bag with Blythe!


I am a leadership development consultant – I teach managers how to be good leaders. When I am not in front of an audience speaking, I'm running my business from my mobile phone in the car pick up line, on the way to and in the grocery store, and everywhere in between. For me it’s all about “HANDSFREE”. I’ve carried a crossbody bag since being liberated from a diaper bag years ago. I have my hands full raising our 11 year old son and running a consulting business. I don’t have extra time to spend digging in my bag to find my keys or phone. I am on the go and with this perfect size crossbody, my phone slips right in the pocket, my keys are easy to find and I don’t have to find a place to prop my purse when shopping or multitasking! The bag is just big enough to fit my wallet, sunglasses, keys, and lip balm, any bigger than that and I start hoarding stuff that I don’t need and it takes me too long to find what I do need! Plus, a zipper is a must! As I dash around, I don’t want to worry if stuff is falling out of my bag! The zipper makes sure it all stays put!

Can we talk about the leather? First, I like classy bags, but just not an ordinary style. So, the leather I chose on my bag made it timeless but with a design pop. And the color goes with everything! Again, I don’t have a lot of time to spend matching up accessories so I needed a leather that was versatile. Besides the color, style and functionality are the next most important things for my bag. While I need a bag to work for me, I also want it to have designer style, plus mine and everyone else’s bags are all one of a kind!

What drew me to Blythe Leonard LLC was that not only are Blythe’s bags made in America, they are made in the town where I grew up! Like Blythe’s family, my family and my husband’s family have a long tradition in Thomasville, NC. To have a bag made there in one of the historic factories is really something special. It’s owning a piece of history and hometown where ever I go. Let’s be honest, BL bags are amazing! Blythe has such a great sense of style and it shows in her designs and the materials she uses. While I love her story, I also just really love the bags. One of the best parts of buying a BL bag is being part of the process. From watching Blythe draw the sketch to hand picking the leather - it’s unlike any other buying experience! For me, great brands have a distinct personality. When you see the product you know it’s “the” brand not because of the logo or because you‘ve seen 100 of it already but because it has details that are distinct to that brand. BL bags have a distinct personality that shows up in the design and leather.

The fact that the bag was named after me was a great surprise and I love that! It’s really cool that from now on, there will never be named another style the Lisa!

Brands like BL are bringing back what it means to buy American made goods with the quality and uniqueness you can only get with handmade!

The FIrst Lisa Bag

My bag!

- Lisa, a BL Enthusiast

The Lisa bag is 10x10x3 inches with an option of a regular or extra-long crossbody strap. There are two different strap options, shown below in photos. Another option is the large patch pocket that can be placed on the exterior of the bag. Each Lisa bag is completely customizable by the client. If you are interested in designing your own bag just contact Blythe! or give her a call at (336) 687-5366.

Burgundy Croco Lisa Bag with 3/4 inch crossbody strap with antique brass hardware

Burgundy croco and black cowhide Lisa Bag with 1/2 inch strap

Tan Lisa Bag with exterior pocket and tassel, located at Hang Ups in High Point, NC

(Photo courtesy of Hang Ups)

You can purchase a Lisa Bag at three locations, Blythe Leonard LLC and Salem Vintage R&R in Thomasville, NC, and Hang Ups, in High Point, NC. Each one is different so go check them out!

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