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An Artist's Oxygen

An Artist’s Oxygen

Enjoy this article written for our 2019 Spring BL Magazine!

There’s this very real ideology in today’s society that lurks behind each fashion magazine issue and fashion shows, and honestly, it is what allows everyone to continue to move forward…the “I HAVE to have it” urge. Many of you have shared that you have been “bitten” by the BL bug and now you can’t stop being inspired by each design. I myself have been a victim of this same phenomenon. For over a year now I have been crushing over a pair of black velvet pumps that are completely rhinestone studded out and beaded. It’s that undeniable need to have the latest, the newest, and the snazziest. And for this, we artists can breathe…surviving on our creations. Not everyone can be seasoned artists, but then again, artists can’t own all of their work. Somehow, it seems to all balance out in the end.

As designers and artists, we strongly believe in the philosophy that “you are only as good as the last thing you created,” which is why we have this infinite thirst for creating. Producing art for artists is like oxygen, you have to have it in order to live. We need to create in order to feel whole. Creativity is a dynamic entity deep within our souls, that if expanded upon, brings light to new and existing ideas that correlate directly with the space around us and how it affects our senses as human beings. In life, we experience so much disintegration and short comings that for me, creating art brings people together joyfully and blissfully to celebrate life’s little beauties. We all have this universal desire to connect with other people in some way, and mine is through the process of creating beautiful leather handbags. This is why the BL family continues to grow; we are all seeking creativity and personal connections.

Our work, as artists, is highly personal and makes us vulnerable to rejection. However, without expressing our creativity, we would never know our own perceptions of ourselves. Who would we be without art? What would we do? These are questions I so often contemplate and give thanks that I was able to follow my creative journey that ultimately led me to start Blythe Leonard LLC.

Whether you carry a BL handbag, a luxury pre-owned, or a colorful fabric bag, your handbag is an expression of who you are and what you believe in. It can be your access pass to the life of luxury and glamour or your handbag could tell everyone that you care about a specific brand and its missions. Or, it could simply serve as your life’s toolbox, carrying all of your daily essentials. Either way, your handbag is the cherry on top when it comes to putting together your ensemble. Some claim to only carry one bag a year, how that is I’m not sure, but it is “your” bag. Once you have found the style that works for you, stick with it if you don’t like change. For me, I still haven’t figured out the “perfect” handbag and I’ve made all of your bags! I just want to have it all…I want glamour and traditionalism, minimalism and must be the artist in me.

So think about this today, what motivates or inspires you? How can you share your creativity with the world or your community? Your insights may just open your eyes to new opportunities, and these opportunities will provide the “oxygen” needed to move you forward into new possibilities. Follow your heart and your initiatives…I promise it will be worth it.

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