The Story of Gerry our Giraffe

Have you ever wondered why we have a giraffe in the foyer of our flagship store? Well here is how that came to be… Not long after our...

An Artist's Oxygen

An Artist’s Oxygen Enjoy this article written for our 2019 Spring BL Magazine! There’s this very real ideology in today’s society that...

BL Family

BL Family Enjoy this article written for our 2019 Spring/Summer BL Magazine! Four years ago you could find me on the front steps of the...

Blythe's Seashell Passion

Explore the coast of NC, read Blythe's tips and tricks to traveling to the best shelling locations in NC!!

What We Want You To Know

When I first established my brand, the first picture I posted on Instagram (which is still there) states, “Phthalates are chemicals often...

All American Girl, an All American Dream

I grew up in Thomasville, North Carolina, a small furniture and textile town. My parents kept me extremely busy; piano lessons, Girl...

Building our BL Family

When I first started Blythe Leonard LLC in June of 2015, I filled a lot of shoes, and I still do. But one principle of business and my...

The Woman Behind the Bag: Melanie Tote

Meet Melanie. ​​ [Click and drag to move] (Melanie traveling to Oregon with her Croco Hello Beautiful Sophia Clutch) She works at

The Woman Behind the Bag: Caroline Tote

(Caroline on Fashion Ave. in New York City with her Caroline Tote) One of the most important aspects of being an artist is to be...

The Woman Behind the Bag: Jane Bag

The Woman Behind the Bag: Jane Bag The Jane Bag When I first started my company, I began to do what every designer would do and design...

The Day in the Life of Blythe Leonard

The Day in the Life of Blythe Leonard Have you ever thought how your Blythe Leonard bag was made? Or how I keep up all my different...

BL goes to Main St.

The past month or so I have been keeping a secret from all of my BL enthusiasts. I've had questions of, "ooooo what is that leather

BL Bags, Phthalate Free

As many of you know, I have always been a huge advocate for buying leather instead of faux leather/vegan leather, and for buying American Ma

Art of Creativity

I just finished reading The Bee and the Acorn, Paula Wallace’s memoir which told about how she started SCAD almost forty years ago. I found

7 Things, Before Your Custom BL Bag

As many of you know, I do a lot of custom work in my work week. For some reason, haha, people LOVE, I mean you, yes you LOVE to design your

Working for My Daughter

It's funny how our life takes twists and turns; but not mine. Thirty-four years teaching and being the director of my own school for chi