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BL goes to Main St.

The past month or so I have been keeping a secret from all of my BL enthusiasts. I've had questions of, "ooooo what is that leather for?" and "can I see?" or "what are you designing today?" and all of my answers were, its for this new store we are going in. "Oh which one?" "Well, it will be here soon enough," I always told you all. Well now I am here to tell you all that we now have a luxury high end leather design collection at .................... Simon Jewelers in High Point, North Carolina!

The collection has been a culmination of designing, sketching, brainstorming, communicating, and executing samples, prototypes, and finished pieces. Each and every product is made from Caiman leather and cowhide. Caiman hides are a "cousin" to the alligator I always explain. It is a small, usually 4-5 meters long and the hides are rather small in comparison to alligators or Nile crocodiles. The reason I love to use caiman leather is because the print or design of the hide is scaled down to that of a large alligator or crocodile.

Gary Simon, the owner of Simon Jewelers and I met a few months back at a N2Publishing event we had together, where he first heard the story of my brand and my company. Simon states, “I’m inspired by Blythe’s design approach and her continued efforts to manufacture locally with USA materials and the variety of designs and products that she can produce. That is one thing that drew me to her brand and makes for a much richer experience when I carry my own BL bag; I know the story behind my bag. Part of it is when I met Blythe, when I got my own bag, I was able to sense her passion for her business and really understand the person behind the design, she so passionate about her work and what she stands for with her brand. Blythe is really the whole value package; she is the product, the innovative design, and the quality and craftsmanship.”

Isn't he the sweetest.

I would love for you to go to Simon's and see the entire collection. I know for a fact that you will fall in love with the colors, the texture, and not to mention the people!

I want to also thank you for your continued support of my company and for believing that as a whole, we can bring back American Manufacturing! I will be putting together a list for you guys of all Made in USA brands and companies soon as well!


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