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  • Blythe Leonard

Our Expert Traveling Tips for 2017 reached out to us for my expert tips on traveling for 2017. I encourage you to check out their website and read the article! You can find it here!

But, I have a few more tips that I think are most appropriate for the new year! It seems that when a new year rolls around, inspiration for adventures kick in and new vows to explore unfamiliar places take hold of your heart. It is a part of our nature to be inquisitive, especially with the major shift in today’s consumers, spending more on travel and experiences. New year means new adventures, new friends, and for sure, new traveling and adventuring!

Always check out local festivities, it's always more exciting when the community comes out of the woodwork to enjoy some music, dancing, good food and games. You are more likely to find out about the local foodies, artists, and musicians that way! Walk downtown, find the local shops that have handmade products made in that city, it's a sure thing that they believe in supporting their own friends and neighbors. Try and walk from place to place, experience the smell, the air and the heartbeat of the city, shoreline, mountain, or wherever your travels take you. Rent a bicycle, take a bike cab if possible, just try and soak in what it is you are seeking in travel in the first place, and enjoy! The best way to enjoy your travels is to do as the locals do, divulge yourself into their culture and really understand their way of life. Try to stay away from the local tourist traps if possible and find yourself in that “hole in the wall” best restaurant you’ve ever eaten at in your entire life. Carry our lightweight Caroline tote, and find those off the beaten path shops, you never know what treasures you might uncover.

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