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    Thoughts before your appointment...

 1. Style bag? Backpack, Shoulder, Crossbody?

 2. Embossed Leather? Distressed Leather? Printed Leather?

3. Monogram or not?

4. Silver, Gold, or Antique Brass Hardware?

5. What kind of pockets do you need?

6. Hand stitched or machine stitched? (Wallets in particular.)

7. Size of your bag?


Please view some examples of our bespoke work below.

Note: All of our bags are one of a kind and we DO NOT make the same bag twice.

Custom Order appointments are available Monday

through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

(336) 687-5366

After hour appointments are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Custom Order appointments are free of charge for the first 30 minutes. Each additional 30 minutes will be a $35.00 charge for the consultation. 

Ivy Custom Backpack
Black Croco Heritage Backpack
Navy Diaper Backpack
Baby BL Boy Shoes
Grey Boy's BL Shoes
Glazed Caramel Charlotte
Black Celand Bag
Charcoal/Tan Laced Shoulder
Sailboat Charlotte
Denim/ Leather Satchel
Mommy and Me Bag
Dark Brown Jane Bag
Palm Leaves Large Tia
Ashley One Shoulder Bag
Croco Shoulder
Tan/Croco Shoulder
White Lace Up Derbys
Rolled Handle Shoulder Bag
Cream Mini Shoulder
Croco/Blanket Holder Weekender
Aqua Long Wallet
Black Wallet
Mini Shoulder Bag
Kentucky Derby Yellow/Orchid Satchel
Day Backpack
Kentucky Derby Yellow/Orchid Satchel
Mustard Mini Tiffany Bag
Grey Large Flapped Backpack
Black and Wales Gift Set
Green/Brown Shoulder Bag
Caiman Lisa Bag
NC Carolina Wallet
Baby Pink Newborns
Celand Bag
Grey Camille Shoulder
Western Satchel
Carolyn Backpack
Linda Bucket Bag
Hannah's Art Bag
Erin's Clutch
Erin's Clutch
Orange and Print Paula Bag
Graffiti Set
Black/Gold Giant Croco Tote
Metallic Lace Up Derby
Embossed Lambskin Mini Tiffany Bag
Baby and Me Davidson Bags
Black Bison Train Bag
Yellow/Purple Orchid Kentucky Derby
Copper/Grey Davidson Bag
Brown Celand Bag
Cash wallet
Ashley Backpack
Zebra Men's Backpack
Grilling Apron
Celand Bag
Dee's Custom Bag
Quilted Tia Bag
Hand Dyed Hand Stitched Wallet
Burgundy Pull-Up Carmera Bag
Dog Carrier
Black/Aqua Croco Portia Bag
Red Celand Bag
Rabbit Fur Rebecca Bag
Cream Croco Paula Bag
Cobalt Zippered Wristlet
Teal and Silver Rebekah Bag
Red Hillary Bag
NC Bridal Gift Coasters
Pink Croco Jane Bag
Hand Dyed, Handstitched Wallet
Navy Legal Pad Book
Fushia Caiman East Coast Tote
Croco Laptop Sleeve
Red Messenger Bag
Croco Cord Case
Bridal Photographer Gifts
Caiman Legal Pad Book
Fox Fur Tia Bag
Fox Fur Shoulder
Fox Fur Muff Crossbody
Tan Jane Bag
Camera Travel Bag
Emily's Shoulder Bag
Blane Travel Bag
Howard Messenger Bag
Copper Croco Collection
Hand Dyed and Canvas Handbag
Rabbit Fur Backpack
School Messenger Bag
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